Saturday, May 18, 2024

Cayo Rosario

Minister of Blue Economy and Civil Aviation responds to Cayo Rosario allegations

The Minister of the Blue Economy and Civil Aviation Hon. Andre Perez was quick to respond to allegations being circulated under the guise of fake profiles on social media.

Stop order issued against development at Cayo Rosario

A formal stop order has reportedly been issued to halt development activities at Cayo Rosario, following a site inspection by members of the Physical Planning Unit at the Ministry of Natural Resources on Friday, March 6th. Island residents, particularly those in the fly fishing industry, welcome this latest update, which is seen as a protection of the sensitive marine environment near the tiny island that sits within the Hol Chan Marine Reserve on the north-west coast of Ambergris Caye.

Activities at Cayo Rosario paused after irregularities in building permit are discovered

Hol Chan Marine Reserve says that although a permit was issued to build a bulkhead no longer than 300 feet on the western side of Cayo Rosario, the issue is with where the building material is currently being placed.

ACCSD seeks new plan of action against development at Cayo Rosario

Former manager for Hol Chan Marine Reserve and director on the board of ACCSD, Miguel Alamilla has confirmed that they are discussing with their lawyers a new approach to stop the development.

ACCSD lobbies stakeholders for support against Cayo Rosario Development

Hosted by Matachica Resort, more than a dozen individuals were updated on the progress ACCSD is making in preventing the controversial development of Cayo Rosario located within the Hol Chan Marine Reserve.

Mayor Guerrero and Minister Heredia disapprove of Cayo Rosario development

Both leaders of the local authority voiced their disapproval of the project, adding to the controversial discussion. The project as approved by the National Environmental Appraisal Committee (NEAC), which calls for 54 over-the-water structures, 50 more partially over-the-water and land and the dredging of 55,000 cubic meters of sand for land creation from within the extension of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. The project is not only considered a threat to the delicate marine ecosystem in the area, but to the livelihood of many that make a living in the fly fishing industry.

To better protect Belize’s environment, the EIA process is under review

While all new developments in Belize are required to undergo the approval of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) by the DOE, shortcomings in the legislation and process are resulting in the construction of developments that pose considerable damage to the surrounding environment.

Environmental authorities justify project at Cayo Rosario; islanders oppose

Despite widespread outcry warning the Government of Belize that such a project could have a huge impact on the fly fishing industry that provides a livelihood for many Belizeans, dredging was approved on Cayo Rosario, with the justification that it poses no threat to the marine reserve, and that the size of the development has been significantly scaled down.