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Belize Signs the United Nations Convention against Corruption

On December 9th, coinciding with International Anti-Corruption Day, Belize became the 184th country to sign on to the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

PUP protests to “Save Belize Now”

On September 7th, the PUP made their presence known when thousands of PUP members and supporters marched through the streets of Belize City.

Guest Editorial

"A (stewed) chicken in every pot." So it was a bit later in the afternoon, already past lunch hour... Standing at the counter at Briana’s this...

Victims of alleged police brutality in San Pedro call for justice

Two San Pedro men and one female, along with their families and the wider community of San Pedro Town are asking for “justice” into...

Do we speak, or hide the truth?

In July, 2010 in an interview with Channel 7 News, the then Minister of Police, Hon. Doug Sing conceded that the police department was...

Belize not a signatory to the United Nations Anti-Corruption Convention

Press Release - Vision Inspired by the People - November 30, 2011 - In today’s international arena, Belize stands unashamed as the poster boy...