Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Elito Arceo

World Oceans Day observed in San Pedro with beach clean-up; other environmental entities encourage Belizeans to take care of the sea

This year's theme for the annual Oceans Day is 'The Ocean: Life and livelihood.' In San Pedro, the sea is an essential source of livelihood for the fishing and tourism sector. Thus, the San Pedro Town Council, via its Councillor Johnnia Duarte, carried out the beach clean-up with the support of islanders Elito Arceo and Miguel Alamilla. The activity saw adults and children participating in what has become a constant attempt to keep the beach clean and the sea free of hazardous rubbish.

Visitors to northern beaches asked to NOT LITTER; these are sea turtle nesting grounds!

A group of island residents made it their task to clean up a popular beach area by Robles Point in northern Ambergris Caye filled with rubbish. Many of the discarded items are non-biodegradable and pose a threat to the delicate natural environment and the nesting grounds frequented by sea turtles each year. If this practice continues, it will tarnish the natural beauty of these beaches, and sea turtles may never return to nest. Persons visiting this area of the island need to do the right thing and not leave their garbage behind after picnicking.

Valentine’s Day beach clean-up shows Ambergris Caye some love

Hundreds of 50-gallon bags were filled with rubbish that stretched for miles along the beach. Most of the discarded items were plastic. There were sandals, bottle caps, empty water bottles, condoms, large plastic containers, glass rum, empty soft drink empty, and even old fishing nets. It is believed that some of this garbage washed ashore from passing ships or near communities, and the balance was left behind by people visiting this beach.

Community clean-up rids Ambergris Caye’s northern beaches from tons of garbage

A massive beach clean-up took place on Sunday, January 31st, on the northern beaches of Ambergris Caye. Some nine miles north of San Pedro...

Stakeholders Unite to Stop Destructive Development within Hol Chan Marine Reserve

The ACCSD is not a group against development; rather their mission is to promote sustainable development; to protect and enhance our natural resources without compromising the livelihood of this and future generations.

San Pedro Team Places Third at the Wahoo de Plata Competition in Mexico

San Pedro’s Elito Arceo and Jody Leslie along with his father Martin Leslie took the third place prize at the Wahoo de Plata International Fishing Tournament

Dates confirmed for the Annual Eco-Challenge Kayak Race

Preparations for the twelfth annual Lagoon-Reef Eco-Challenge Race are underway, and the dates have been set for August 6th and 7th.

PUP pre-election rally held in San Pedro

On Sunday October 25th, the People United Party (PUP) held its pre-election rally in San Pedro Town. The PUP showcased their strength in an...