Tuesday, May 21, 2024

General Sales Tax

National News: PUC approves a 6.24% increase in electricity rates

With the 6.24% electricity price increase, and the 2017-2018 budget-approved GST threshold at $100, Belizeans may be facing up to a 18.74% hike in their bill.

GOB denies wrong deeds in the GST Department

Reports of the alleged manipulation of General Sales Tax (GST) audit results by the senior management of that Governmental Department have been denied by the Ministry of Finance.

PM Barrow is confident that Belize will recover from “recession”

The current financial hardships Belize is experiencing has caused the country’s economy to plunge, but PM Dean Barrow is confident we will recover.

Two businesses robbed over the weekend

Police are investigating a burglary that occurred over the weekend of October 22nd-23rd at two establishments. Dianita's Restaurant and the General Sales Tax (GST) office are located...