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Oceana Belize

Independent study places Belize 9th on a list of highest plastic polluters worldwide

A study conducted by Utility Bidder on plastic waste emissions into the ocean has ranked Belize 9th on the list of countries contributing to this environmental issue. The research revealed that Belize emits 0.96kg of plastic into the sea per capita annually. The study aims to identify which countries contribute the most to plastic pollution. In the previous report, Belize was placed 10th, but in the latest report, there has been no improvement in decreasing the amount of plastic waste generated by Belizeans. The research observed the probability and quantity of plastic waste entering the ocean and the mismanagement of plastic waste.

San Pedro’s Philip ‘Billy’ Leslie and celebrity Chef Sean Kuylen are 2023 Oceana’s Ocean Heroes

On the 13th annual Ocean Hero Award, Oceana Belize recognized another islander with prestigious recognition. Philip ‘Billy’ Leslie was presented with the Ocean Hero Award on Friday, November 10th alongside another Belizean champion of the sea, Chef Sean Kuylen.

Offshore oil exploration in Belize now requires a national referendum

The Referendum (Amendment) Bill 2023 is now law, compelling the government to hold a mandatory referendum before oil exploration in Belizean waters. The Bill went through the stages of approval in the House of Representatives and the Senate. It was then assented to by Governor General Dame Froyla Tzalam on November 9th, and two days later, it was published in the government’s Gazette.

Amendment approved to include offshore oil exploration referendum

After the Government of Belize and Oceana Belize agreed on the referendum on the moratorium on offshore oil exploration, a Bill was introduced in the House of Representatives to amend the Referendum Act and make a referendum mandatory. The Bill was debated in the Senate and approved on October 26th, officiating the amendment for a mandatory referendum before any oil exploration in Belizean waters.

Oceana delivers petitions to Governor General office to initiate referendum against offshore oil exploration

On Thursday, June 22nd, Oceana Belize visited the office of the Governor General Her Excellency Dame Froyla Tzalam, to deliver signed petitions from registered Belizean voters to trigger a referendum on offshore oil drilling in Belize waters. Oceana said the number of petitions delivered exceeds the legally required 10% of the electorate. The non-profit organization believes that Belizeans should be consulted and decide if the current offshore oil and natural gas moratorium passed as law in December 2017 should ever be lifted.

Oil rig spotted in Belizean waters raises concerns; Government says it’s was here to replenish stores

The sight of an oil rig near Ambergris Caye on Thursday, June 1st was cause for much concern across the island and the country. To dispel any rumors, the Belize Port Authority (BPA) quickly issued a release explaining that the rig, identified as the Semi-submersible drilling unit MV ‘Frida 1’, is in Belize to replenish stores and is not authorized to conduct any other activity while in Belizean waters. On December 29, 2017, the Government of Belize passed a law banning oil exploration in its territorial waters; however, Belizeans remain vigilant and strongly oppose this idea as it could jeopardize industries like tourism and fisheries.

Enjoy an exclusive rum experience at Tiburon Rum’s Tasting Room in San Pedro

Belize, like other Caribbean nations, is a land where the spirit of choice is rum, and among this tropical libation is the fantastic and highly acclaimed Tiburon Rum. This premium rum provides a perfectly neat high-quality drink, and as its popularity continues to grow, you can now find it almost anywhere in the country. Tiburon recently opened a tasting room in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, conveniently located on Barrier Reef Drive, right downtown, for that perfect sampling experience.

Oceana warns about possible seismic testing in Belize; organizes signature collection drive

At a press conference in Belize City on Thursday, November 17th, Oceana Belize announced the commencement of a countrywide signature collection drive to trigger a national referendum regarding oil exploration in Belizean waters. Vice-President Janelle Chanona said the decision was made following a conversation with Prime Minister Honourable Dr. John Briceño in September. She claims it confirmed the current administration’s intention to proceed with seismic testing in Belizean waters with prior approval from the public. However, GOB clarifies that it has not entered into any agreements for seismic studies nor for oil exploration in offshore areas.