Holiday Hotel Celebrates Halloween in Grand Style!

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Holiday Hotel Halloween Bash I-33Every year I say, ‘They can’t possibly get any better…’ and then they do!” Lisa McCorkle Guerrero echoed the sentiments of everyone who had gathered at the Holiday Hotel for its annual Halloween Bash. As one of the Holiday Hotel’s biggest celebrations, the annual Halloween Party attracts people from all across the country who show up in full regalia, eager to outdo the past year’s costumes. From the sweet and pretty to the outrageous to the full on creative, costumes abounded this year, and yet again, set the bar high for next year.

Holiday Hotel Halloween Bash I-54The traditional orange carpet was laid out on Saturday, October 26th, and it was instantly surrounded by eager onlookers who wanted to see what this year would bring. And the creative revelers did not disappoint! Monsters, vampires, witches, and wolves walked the carpet, followed by a gaggle of Disney Princesses (complete with Frog Prince), the cast of Shrek, to red-hot and ab-tastic warriors, naughty nuns, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus (with wrecking ball, of course), to King Kong and captive, Smurfs, Minions, Lady Plavalaguna (of The Fifth Element), zombies, devils, angels, ninjas, elaborate dresses made out of newspapers and crepe paper, and even a costume that required electricity!

Judges Phil, David and Mary had a hard time deciding on winners, but with the help of Lisa, the final choices were tallied up. Luckily there was a variety of categories to award prizes to, so many favorites were given prizes. Honorable mentions went to Mr. Twister, Miley Cyrus, Slash, Coconut Leo, the Canadian Snowstorm, and the Catch of the Day. Manager’s Favorite went to Bulldozer (Dorian Nuñez), and Lisa’s Favorite went to Electric Man (PK). Crowd favorite went to the adorable pumpkin (Tania Pech’s baby bump), and she also took the prize for cutest. Most elegant went to the beautiful Michelle Nuñez, who handmade her Mystical Mermaid costume. Cutest couples were the School Kids(Alex and Idy) and Despicable Me Minions (Rene Jr. and Chandel). Best makeup went to Michael Hancock, the Decaying Fisherman, while best group went to Dia de Los Muertos. There were two top prizes (of equal value) for Most Creative, and the winners were Leonel Milian as The San Pedro Sun, and Enrique de Leon as the fabulous Lady Plavalaguna!

Already rumblings have begun about next year’s party, and the bar has been set high! We eagerly await next year’s creative shenanigans, but for now, enjoy the great photos of the many costumes and incredible designs – perhaps you will be inspired for your very own costume for Halloween 2014!

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