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Belize Port Authority

Young Belize Coast Guard officer, Kiman Garcia, loses life in boating accident

On Wednesday, November 8th, a member of the Belize Coast Guard (BCG), identified as Kiman Garcia, 24, lost his life in a boating accident off the northern coast of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. The young BCG sailor was thrown overboard and severely injured by the boat’s engine propeller. Even though he was rushed to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II, Garcia succumbed to his injuries.

Jesse Smith released: Peaceful protest held in downtown San Pedro

On Friday, August 25th, San Pedro tour guide Jesse Smith was released from the Kolbe Foundation- Belize Central Prison after being charged with Causing Death by Careless Conduct in a February boating accident that killed a teenage American visitor.  One hour before the news of his release was shared, tour guides, tour operators, fishermen, family members, and friends came out in numbers to denounce the charges and demanded that the respective authorities like the Belize Port Authority (BPA) and Belize Tourism Board (BTB) do their job. Protesters spoke about the absence of proper signage, no distinctions of No Wake zones, no swimming areas, or navigational lights to guide vessels or swimmers.

Oil rig spotted in Belizean waters raises concerns; Government says it’s was here to replenish stores

The sight of an oil rig near Ambergris Caye on Thursday, June 1st was cause for much concern across the island and the country. To dispel any rumors, the Belize Port Authority (BPA) quickly issued a release explaining that the rig, identified as the Semi-submersible drilling unit MV ‘Frida 1’, is in Belize to replenish stores and is not authorized to conduct any other activity while in Belizean waters. On December 29, 2017, the Government of Belize passed a law banning oil exploration in its territorial waters; however, Belizeans remain vigilant and strongly oppose this idea as it could jeopardize industries like tourism and fisheries.

Fatal February boating accident case forwarded to the DPP; mother shares experience

The case on the February 14th boating accident that killed 17-year-old Logan Ceylon Pratt is now before the Director of Public Prosecutions (DDP) office. Assistant Commissioner of Police Hilberto Romero told the media they await directives on whether charges will be levied against boat captain Jessie Smith. An official report named Smith as operating the boat that ran over Pratt and her mother, Tamra Pratt, while swimming off the coast of northern Ambergris Caye. Concerned islanders question why authorities did not mention the person who reportedly took Pratt and her mother to that area of the island.

Belize Port Authority releases approved fares for water taxis

The Belize Port Authority (BPA) issued the most recent approved fares for water taxis highlighting that it has not authorized an increase in passenger fares. The BPA noted that any increase is unlawful and would not be tolerated. They ask commuters to report any attempt by a water taxi company to charge more than the approved fares by calling the telephone number 222-5665 or email to [email protected].

Construction debris under the Boca del Rio bridge poses danger to boaters

Several boat captains are asking the respective authorities at the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) to remove what is believed to be construction debris from around and beneath the Boca del Rio bridge, including a large metal object jutting out of the water. This object in the water is deemed a navigational hazard to boat operators, particularly those traversing under the bridge at night.

San Pedro Tour Operators meet to discuss issues affecting the island’s tourism industry

The tourism industry is considered the pillar of the economy in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. As the island continues to expand, so does the need for essential services from the governing authorities. With this in mind, the San Pedro Tour Operators Association (SPTOA) met on Thursday, March 30th, to discuss various issues affecting their businesses.

Belize Port Authority concludes investigation on tragic February boating accident on Ambergris Caye

An investigation by the Belize Port Authority into the death of 17-year-old American teenager Logan Ceylon Pratt, who was killed in a boating accident on February 14th, has concluded. The tragedy occurred off the northeast coast of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, where the tourist teenager was hit by a boat.