Saturday, May 25, 2024

Laws of Belize


IT IS NOTIFIED for general information that public and bank holidays specified in the First and Second Schedules to Holidays Act.

Governor General approves re-registration process to be held in 2018

The national re-registration exercise scheduled for July of this year has been postponed until July 2018 by decree of the Governor General of Belize.

Lobster season comes to a close

The Belize Fisheries Department reminds the public that the Spiny Lobster (Palinuridae) lobster season officially closes on Wednesday, February 15th, and resumes on June 15th.

Saga reiterates responsible pet ownership after increase in dog attacks

After a recent spike in dog attacks, the Saga Humane Society is on a mission to spread awareness on responsible pet ownership.

Section 53 amendment – “a shield, not a sword” says P.M. Barrow

“A shield, not a sword” is how Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow interpreted the Supreme Court decision on Section 53 of the Criminal Code last Wednesday.

Authorities defy the law and lift No-Liquor ban on Good Friday

Under the Laws of Belize, the sale of liquor is prohibited on Good Friday, but over the Easter weekend, that law was unexpectedly lifted...

Guest Editorial: We need tougher laws… But not for me

Brent Toombs reflects on the recent death of young Jasmine Lowe and why our society plays a role in allowing tragedies like that to happen