Tuesday, May 21, 2024


Isla Bonita Elementary School celebrates Cultural Day 2019

Throughout the day, students had the opportunity to showcase their knowledge on the country’s various ethnic groups to visitors.

San Pedro House of Culture observes Dia de Los Finados

El Dia de Los Finados is a tradition that honors the dead, with an emphasis on maintaining ties with deceased ancestors believed to continue to exist in a different plane.

San Pedro R.C School hosts Cultural Day

Throughout the day students represented various cultural groups found in the country, including the Mestizo, East Indian, Maya, Creole, Mennonite, Garinagu, and Lebanese among others.

Fun at SPHS Cultural Day

The San Pedro High School (SPHS) once again brought to life the many cultures that exist in Belize at their annual cultural day. The...

Amazing show of culture at Holy Cross Anglican Primary School

The students of Holy Cross Anglican Primary School celebrated Belizean culture on Friday, November 21st with their annual Culture Day Fair. Students had the...

Holy Cross Anglican Primary School celebrates Belize’s Culture

Holy Cross Anglican Primary School celebrated Culture Day on Friday November 15th. The event is an annual activity in which students get to showcase...

Dia de San Pedro Celebration

The Dia de San Pedro activities ended on Sunday June 30th, with a beach family day at the Central Park beach. The 10 days...

“Dias de Los Finados” celebrated in San Pedro Town

Los Finados is a cultural celebration that honors loved ones who have passed with a feast, offerings and prayer and service.