Sunday, June 23, 2024

San Pablo Area

SPTC addresses road conditions and infrastructural projects for the island

Some of these areas include San Pedrito, San Pablo, and DFC, and heavy machinery has been observed grading deteriorated streets that had been posing a challenge to students walking to school and those commuting to work.

Frustrated residents demand better roads; SPTC claims they are working on the issue

Island residents in the surrounding sub-divisions of San Pedro Town are complaining about bad street conditions following recent rains. In areas like DFC, Escalante, and San Pablo several of the streets are flooded posting a challenge for students walking to school and those commuting to work.

SPTC to repair roads damaged by heavy rains

The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) has acknowledged the situation and says it is gearing up to address the issue as soon as the rains abate.

Institute of Archeology intervenes on demolition of Maya mound in San Pablo Area

After the partial disturbance of a Maya mound in the San Pablo neighborhood, south of San Pedro Town, the Institute of Archeology (IA) has issued a stop order to halt any further development.

Maya mound is partially cleared; residents plead for a stop order

A Maya mound, located in the San Pablo neighborhood south of San Pedro Town, was disturbed on Sunday, May 14th.

Problematic crocodiles continue to keep ACES busy

In October alone, Ambergris Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) has rescued and relocated three adults and one sub-adult from populated areas.

San Pablo Roman Catholic Church undergoes renovation

Over the past few days, renovations have been in progress at the Roman Catholic Church located in the San Pablo Sub-Division, south of town.

Fire Department warns residents on the threat of Bush Fires

The dry season is here and with it come bush fires due to the intense heat. The first bush fire of the season happened...