Thursday, June 20, 2024

San Pedro Belize Tourism Industry Association

San Pedro BTIA elects new board at Annual General Meeting

The San Pedro chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association San Pedro (BTIA) elected new officers to its Board of Directors during their annual...

SP BTIA and SPTC commit to a cleaner San Pedro

Many businesses on the island are hiring individuals with trucks to dispose of their garbage, but the trash never makes it to the Transfer Station.

SP BTIA asks PUC to help resolve water supply issues in San Pedro Town

The San Pedro Belize Tourism Industry Association (SP BTIA) has issued a letter to the Public Utilities Commission requesting resolution between the two water service companies on Ambergris Caye, stating that for the last decade the island has been subject to extremely low to no water pressure not only during peak tourism season but is now becoming the norm in San Pedro Town.

Letter to the Editor: Bad Cops

The incident that gave rise to my admiration was the unfortunate occurrence where some bad cops tried to intimidate and extort money from a visitor to our shores.

SP Police Officers Behind Bars after Robbing a Tourist at Gunpoint

PC Denfield Ramos and Special Constable Orlando Mendez have been charged for robbing at gun point Timothy Braun, a 28 year-old tourist.

SPBTIA to work with taxi associations and the SPTC in standardizing cab services

SPBTIA president Melanie Paz stated that their first goal for the year is to work with local taxi associations and Mayor Daniel Guerrero in developing a standardization plan for taxi services on the island.