Saturday, May 25, 2024


Belize ratifies UN treaty banning nuclear weapons

Belize ratified a landmark United Nations treaty outlawing nuclear weapons on Tuesday, following a decision taken by its Senate in March. Belize and other nations across the Caribbean have long been vocal critics of nuclear weapons, warning of grave danger they pose to humanity.

New Fisheries Law in Belize Protects Both Marine Species and Livelihoods

The Senate of Belize passed a new Fisheries Resources Bill today that will help make the country’s small-scale fisheries more sustainable for both marine life and people Approved by majority of the Senate, the new and comprehensive Bill replaces previous legislation in place for almost seven decades and aims to modernize and transform Belize’s small-scale fishing industry. The new legislation will ensure the sustainable use and management of the fishery resources and the conservation for the coral reefs, mangroves and coastal waters that support them, as well as provide greater decision-making authority, food security, and resiliency of local communities.

Belize removed from EU tax haven blacklist

Belize is back in good graces with the European Union (EU) after its Economic and Financial Affairs Council removed the country from the list of non-cooperative jurisdictions on Friday, November 8th. This change came after the recent amendment to the International Business Act, along with the promulgation of the Economic Substance Act.

House of Representatives and Senate approve amendment to Maritime Areas Act

As Belize continues to prepare to head to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to settle the Guatemalan territorial claim, the House of Representatives and the Senate amended the 1992 Maritime Areas Act, restoring its claim to its previous 12 miles of territorial seas instead of the recent three nautical miles as stipulated under international law.

House of Representatives and Senate pass ICJ Referendum Bill

Both the House of Representatives and the Senate passed the Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill 2019, which will give way to hosting a national referendum on whether to settle the ongoing dispute with Guatemala at the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Senator Vanessa Retreage resigns from Cabinet

This news of enator Vanessa Retreage's resignation was confirmed via the Prime Minister’s press conference on Tuesday, December 13th.

GOB Moving Straight to Accession for UNCAC

Cabinet agreed that GOB would accede directly to the UNCAC in keeping with the process for treaties already in force.

Motion for a Senate Inquiry into Immigration scandal not approved

Senator Ashley Rocke votes against a private investigation inot the immigration scandal.