Saturday, May 18, 2024

The San Pedro Sun

The San Pedro Sun celebrates 30 year anniversary!

According to owner, editor Tamara Sniffin, this is a huge milestone for the paper she and her husband Ron have owned and operated for more than half of its life. “It is a great honor to be part of a community institution like The San Pedro Sun. Owning a community newspaper comes with great responsibility and commitment, regardless of the challenges we may face. We embrace those who have supported us along the way and are thankful to be part of their success through featured articles and advertising. Without them, we could not be what we are today and thank our community from the bottom of our hearts.”

The San Pedro Sun bids farewell to Associate Editor Mary Gonzalez

After working for The San Pedro Sun for more than fifteen years, Associate Editor Mary Gonzalez looks to the future with a new job.

The San Pedro Sun Advocates for Local Journalism

"We are providing a product that is consumed by thousands of people, and traditionally that is a service people are not used to paying for. But the world is changing, and like any other product a customer consumes, it comes with a cost. First and foremost is our commitment to serving our community with reliable news. Local journalism is a lifeline for the community, and we believe our service is essential."

Paradise Guy and Professional American bodybuilder team up with local athletes to raise fitness awareness

With the aim to promote active and healthy living, a group of sports enthusiasts participated in a fitness challenge on Saturday, August 31st on the rooftop of French Kiss Restaurant. The activity was organized by American National and island resident, Real Estate veteran and former duathlete William Narod aka The Paradise Guy, along with US professional bodybuilder Melissa Pearo.

Mayor Daniel Guerrero says NO to Candidate Debate

Since January 2012 Reef Radio/TV and The San Pedro Sun have been coordinating ta candidate debate to allow the public's questions to be answered. While PUP Mayoral Candidate André Pérez has confirmed his attendance at the 2018 Mayoral Candidate debate, UDP Mayoral Candidate Daniel Guerrero has gone on record stating that he categorically would not participate in the debate. At this time the organizers are discussing how to proceed with this forum.

San Pedro Mayoral Candidate Debate Announced

Elections are fast approaching and UDP Mayoral Candidate Daniel Guerrero and PUP Mayoral Candidate André Perez have been invited to participate in a debate on Monday, February 26th.

Another spectacular Caribbean Christmas Colors Contest

For the eleventh year, The San Pedro Sun staff toured across San Pedro Town judging colorfully lit houses for their annual Caribbean Christmas Colors Contest.

The San Pedro Sun launches 25th Anniversary Exhibit

The San Pedro House of Culture is featuring an exhibition on the history of The San Pedro Sun Newspaper.