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turneffe atoll

Sunken ship to provide new dive destination at Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve

A press conference to announce a new and unique dive site in Belize was held on Monday, August 30th in Belize City. The dive destination will involve a shipwreck in the Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve area treating scuba divers to a new underwater world to explore while providing a natural and protected haven for marine life. The plan is to submerge a 375-foot ship called WitConcrete that once operated as a sugar cargo vessel. The ship, built after World War II, will soon be sunk at a dive site known as ‘the Oasis,’ a stone’s throw from nearby caye resorts.

New regulation introduced to protect shark populations in Belize

Shark fishing around Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Glover’s Reef, and Turneffe Atoll will no longer be allowed after the Government of Belize (GOB) officially banned this practice on June 25th. This new regulation was announced by the Ministry of the Blue Economy and Civil Aviation. It is welcomed by many environmental organizations, who believe the move will establish a haven for sharks across an area of approximately 1,500 square miles.

95-room hotel development puts Turneffe Atoll at risk

The increasing private ownership within the Atoll since 2005 has led to many unsustainable practices: the destruction of mangroves and dredging of seabeds, which are important marine habitats. Belize reaps an estimated $540 Million annual economic benefit from the Turneffe Atoll, which has now been put at risk by a huge 95-room hotel development without so much as an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), the Turneffe Atoll Trust warned in a report presented to the media at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City on Tuesday morning, December 18.

Diver Succumbs to Injuries; Boat Captain Fails to Report Accident to Authorities

Diver Gary McNabb succumbed to injuries sustained during a dive at Turneffe Atolls. As reports were not made to the proper authorities, an investigation has been launched.

National News: Turneffe Atoll is officially a Marine Reserve

Turneffe Atoll is now a Marine Reserve after a commemoration ceremony was held on Thursday November 22nd to officially declare the atoll the latest...

Cabinet endorses decision to make Turneffe Atoll a Marine Reserve

Another win for Minister Lisel Alamilla: Cabinet has endorsed the decision to make Turneffe Atoll into a Marine Reserve, 30 years after the initial recommendation