Tropic Air launches new flight to Cancun

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Tropic Air has taken another step forward by introducing an exciting new destination: Cancun, Mexico. In the past few years, Cancun has quickly evolved into a major tourism destination; as well it has become a key asset for tourists travelling to Belize. For the budget minded travellers, flying to Cancun is more reasonably priced than a direct flight to Belize, but the down side is the long commute of approximately six to seven hours between Cancun and Belize.

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After a 13 year hiatus from the Cancun skies, Tropic Air has once again launched a quick way to get to Mexico’s tourism mecca. As of Monday March 23rd, travellers no longer have to worry about lost travel hours since Tropic Air now has a direct flight from Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport to Cancun International Airport. Cancun is the third international destination for Tropic Air and the 14th flight route. The flight lasts approximately one hour and twenty minutes, a relief from the above mentioned six to seven hours. The flight departs from Belize at 11:30AM and returns from Cancun at 2:15 PM on a daily basis except for Saturdays. The connecting flight will ease travel time for both tourists and locals alike.

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Cancun is a central hub for shopping, dining and nightlife, perfect for the Belizean family vacation. This new flight to Cancun also strengthens Belize’s partnership with the Mexican community. Tourists traveling to Belize via Cancun can also save time by taking a flight with Tropic Air directly to their Belizean destination. No more need for an overnight and long bus rides, losing a day of Belize fun. Instead visitors can plan to wake up in Cancun and go to bed in Belize. This flight can only be considered an exciting and positive addition to the tourism industry of Belize.

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A total of seven persons travelled between Cancun and Mexico on the first day. The inauguration flight was celebrated with a short ceremony. John Grief III expressed the milestone achievement this flight is for Tropic Air. “Our planes are maintained by Belizeans, flown by Belizeans and be sure that all profits will return to Belizeans. Tropic Air is the airline of Belize” stated Greif on the priorities of Tropic Air and its Belizean integrity.
To book your next flight to Cancun, visit Tropic Air office located in Coconut Drive or contact at email [email protected] or phone number 501-226-2012.

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