Wolfe’s Woofer: Cute Baby

Sunday, February 21st, 2016

Dennis-Wolfe-Wolfes-WoofersAt the doctor’s office I ran into Mario, who used to work for me.
“Hey, Mr. Dennis,” Mario said. “I’m bringing my baby in for a checkup. Did you ever see little Mario?”
His wife was holding the baby up for me to see when the doctor came into the waiting room.
“The baby looks just like you,” he said to Mario, as they disappeared into the examination room.
A young mother with a baby was ahead of me on the waiting list. After Mario left the doctor came out to call her in. As they left I heard him say, “You sure do have a cute baby.”
“Thank you,” the mother said.
As I waited another young mom came in with her baby. She seemed to be in a great hurry so I told her she could go ahead of me.
“Oh, thank you,” she said, gratefully. “I have so much to do.”
The doctor came out and called, “Mr. Wolfe.”
“I’m letting this lady go first,” I told him.
“You have a cute baby,” he said to the mother as they were leaving the room.
“Oh, I bet you say that about all of them,” she said.
“Oh, no,” he told her, “I only say it about the babies who really are cute.”
“What about the others?” the mother asked. “What do you say about them?”
The doctor said, “I always say, ~The baby looks just like you.~”

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