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SPTC donates to San Pedro Garifuna Council

SPTC donates to San Pedro Garifuna Council

As Garifuna Settlement Day quickly approaches, the San Pedro Garifuna Council (SPGC) has planned several activities to commemorate the Garinagu’s rich heritage. In embracing the Garifuna culture and celebrating diversity, Mayor Daniel Guerrero donated $1,000 to the SPGC on Friday, November 4th at the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC).sptc-donates-local-garifuna-council-1
Accepting the donation was President of the SPGC, Alex Noralez, alongside two of this council members. After thanking the Mayor, Noralez briefed the SPTC of the activities that have been planned, and stated that the celebration this year will be minimal.
According to Noralez, the council has limited funds, but they are optimistic that the Garifuna culture will be preserved. “After activities are done this year, the funds that are left over will be used to make bigger and grander activities next year. We won’t be able to do many of the activities we have planned this year because of insufficient funds. However, we will commit to making sure there the council is self-sustained, and there is a continuous flow,” said Noralez.
The SPGC thanks Mayor Guerrero and the SPTC for their generous donation. The SPGC will also like to notify the public that the Foreva Fancy “Culture Meets Modern” fashion show is rescheduled to Saturday, November 12th. The event will take place at the Central Park at 8PM, with lots of hype music and dress pieces.