Letter to the Editor: Dr. Hall is a Fraud

Sunday, December 20th, 2015

Letters-to-the-EditorDear Editor:
“Dr.” Robert Hall aka John Roberts Hall, is not only a pervert (thank you so much for your story) but a crook who worked many years as the contact dentist for Americans going to an outfit known as Dentavac operating in Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica, Dr. Baez (aka Luis Baez) and Dr. Arturo Acosta. This is no small office. It takes up a huge building and has armed guards. I work for United Airlines and went to have minor dental veneers placed by Dentavac in March of 2013. This is a common practice in the airline industry. Nips, tucks, teeth whitening, bio identicals, etc. at a reduced price overseas. “Dr.” Robert Hall was the “dental designer” while a Dr. Monterserat Chacon did the actual dentistry (overseen by this Baez). Robert Hall, who was supervised by Dr. Acosta, put himself out as an NYU teaching fellow and expert in cosmetic dentistry, stating that he was “retired” enjoying surfing and downsizing from the hustle bustle of American life. He was the consummate salesman, 100 percent backed by these Escazu dental frauds. My dental “design” for a “whiter” smile is, of course, not what happened. My mouth was permanently changed, teeth destroyed, infection, pain, pain, pain. I’ve suffered permanent trigeminal nerve damage, and will be in facial pain the rest of my life. I’ve spent $50,000 repairing the actual veneers and placing crowns and implants by an expert in Santa Monica, California. Dentavac owners and dentists are just as responsible as this Mr. Hall for causing pain, hurt, financial and emotional damage. I hope your story will be published in the San Jose Costa Rica paper as well.
I have all emails, responses etc. showing his fraud. US and other passports traveling to Dentavac need to have this information. There is a blog if you Google “don’t go to Dentavac in Costa Rica” (it’s a travel blog) where we victims of this place have sought to “out” them. I believe this is why Dentavac fired him. Would that his atrocious crimes in North Carolina were all he did? There is so much more and so many other players.
Many, many thanks. I have prayed for the day I would read this story.
Barbara Madden
Denver Colorado

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