Thursday, May 23, 2024

Aggravated Assault

Police Report: One man stabbed; Another left unconscious

San Pedro Police are reporting a stabbing and an aggravated assault incident that occurred over the weekend.

Leroy Goff officially charged for Delson Paguada’s shooting

On Monday, April 10th 30-year-old Leroy Goff was arraigned at the Belize Magistrate's Court for the shooting of Delson Paguada.

Police Report

San Pedro Police report incidents involving drugs and firearms.

Illegal Salvadoran immigrant charged for assaulting two women

An 18-year-old Salvadoran illegal immigrant has been arrested and charged for assaulting two women. The culprit is Fabio Hernandez Cuellar, who attacked a 70-year-old...

70-year-old woman reports brutal attack

A 70 year old woman reported to the San Pedro Police Station that on Monday, November 16th, around 9:30PM, she was heading home when...

Police Report

Possession of Controlled Drugs *On Thursday, March 12th at 7AM, while Belize City and San Pedro Police were on mobile patrol about half mile North...

PUP’s Hon. Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez faces criminal charges

The People’s United Party (PUP) elected Standard Bearer for Orange Walk East Honorable Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez has been formally arrested and charged for...

Police Department explains fines for common offences

The Belize Police Department has released a list of fines associated with certain criminal charges. Any person charged for the below offense and found...