Saturday, May 25, 2024

child abuse

Do The Right Thing Pedestrian Crossing School Safety Program educates Ambergris Caye children

In addition to educating students about traffic rules and regulations, Do The Right Thing Pedestrian Crossing (DTRTPC)-School Safety Program also targets social issues like human trafficking, cyberbullying and child abuse

Belizeans stand up against child abuse, crime and violence in the country

Belizeans call on the Government of Belize and other related authorities to find ways to stop child abuse, crime and violence in our country. March is dedicated as Child Stimulation Month but citizens are sadden with amount of young lives that have been taken unjustidly.

Isla Bonita Elementary School host Open Day

Isla Bonita Elementary School held its annual Open Day Fair under the theme “Through Education a Healthy You, a Healthy Nation” on Friday, February 23rd.

Supreme Court grants David and Anke Doehm bail; Residents say the justice system failed

On Friday, July 21st, as residents protested over Faye Lin Cannnon's dead, the Belize Supreme Court granted David and Anke Doehm bail at $10,000 each.

Letter to the Editor: Innocence Lost

Let us mourn for little Faye, let us honour her memory with our prayers, our resolution to do more to protect others like her.

Guest Editorial: Small Efforts -can make a Big Impact

How many children are in circumstances like Faye’s? Can any one person, or even group of people, really make a difference? Or is it all just too enormous, too complex - just too hard to address?

Doehms charged and re-arrested as San Pedro Police continue investigating murder of Faye Lin Cannon

American couple David and Ankhe Doehm remain in police custody as the prime suspects for the murder of their adoptive 13-year-old daughter Faye Lin Cannon.

Isla Bonita Elementary School educates community on Health-Science issues during Open House

Isla Bonita Elementary School (IBES) transformed its school grounds with six vibrant booths during their annual Open House on Friday, February 10th.