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Friends for Conservation and Development

Incident in the Caracol Area of the Chiquibul National Forest

On Sunday, June 7, 2020, at about 6:00 p.m., Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) Forest Rangers were conducting a routine exercise mounting cameras to monitor the poaching of endangered scarlet macaws 1.2 kilometres east of the border, in area of Caracol, in the Chiquibul National Park. During this exercise they had an encounter with two poachers which resulted in an FCD Ranger firing his weapon in self-defense, causing a non-lethal injury to one individual who was captured and detained for illegal entry and poaching of protected wildlife. The other person who was his companion fled.

Signing of the Chiquibul and Vaca Forests Joint Enforcement Protocol

The protocol sets out a formalized Chiquibul and Vaca Forests Joint Enforcement Program to address illegal activities occurring within the forest which put the integrity of the forest ecosystem at risk and threaten the national security and territorial integrity of Belize.

Illegal Guatemalan encroachment continues to threaten the Chiquibul Forest

The illegal encroachment of Guatemalan peasants into the Belize Chiquibul National Park continues to escalate as new findings have confirmed agricultural activity up to 2.7 kilometers within Belizean territory.

Mountain Bike Adventure to be filmed in Belize

A mountain bike adventured will be filmed by European Nature Trust in hopes of advocating the protection of the rich diversity of wildlife in Belize.

Chiquibul receives new Conservation Outpost aimed at deterring illicit activities

The Caballo Conservation Post came at a cost of BZ $115,000 and is part of the Chiquibul Forest Investment Initiative that was launched in December 2016.

Morelet’s Crocodiles Thrive in Chiquibul Forest

A recent study illustrates that the local Morelet’s crocodile population is thriving in the Chiquibul Forest's isolated habitat.

PACT awards $2.28 million in grants to Belize organizations protecting the Chiquibul

Four Belizean conservation organizations were awarded a total of $2.28 million on Tuesday, December 13th, through the Protected Areas Conservation Trust’s (PACT) Environmental Management Fund.

Guatemala demands second investigation into shooting death: Belize supports initial report

President of Guatemala Jimmy Morales has criticized the report as ‘inconclusive’, demanding a second investigation into the incident.