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High-Level Meeting on Migrant Labour and Trafficking in Persons

A high-level meeting of the ministries of Immigration, Human Development, Home Affairs, Labour, Tourism, and Agriculture along with the Director of Public Prosecutions was held in Belmopan on April 11, 2022. Ministry representatives discussed the topics of migrant labour for agroindustry in Belize and the need to strengthen collaboration amongst ministries and departments in preventing and combating labour exploitation and trafficking in persons.

SPTC to open a Customer Service Desk; no more mainland trips to apply for essential documents

As of Tuesday, March 8th, the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) will be opening a new Customer Service Desk. Island residents no longer need to travel to the mainland when seeking assistance from the vital statistics department, businesses registration, filling immigration forms, or dealing with matters at the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) in Belize City.

Office Wear brought to the runway at Public Service Fashion Show

A grand audience came out to witness the first ever Public Service Fashion Show that took place on Thursday June 5th at Senor Marlins...

Three charged for brawl in SP Immigration Office

An unfortunate incident inside the San Pedro Immigration office has led to several injuries and the arrest of 3 women.

John McAfee detained in Guatemala and his political asylum denied

Authorities in Guatemala have arrested John McAfee. The 67 year old anti-virus pioneer is wanted for questioning in Belize but fled to Guatemala, arriving...

Editorial: Since when is upholding the law a bad thing?

Breaking the law, in any country, has it consequences. Whether one believes it's an injustice or not, the point is that laws are there for a reason.

Immigration Officials Raid Medical School

Two students and one teacher from the American Global University School of Medicine (AGUSM) were detained Thursday evening, February 2nd, at the San Pedro Police Department and later transferred to the Immigration Department Office in San Pedro