Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Lord Michael Ashcroft

Jasmine Hartin’s “Manslaughter by Negligence” trial to begin in April

Canadian national Jasmine Hartin was back at the Supreme Court in Belize City on Tuesday, September 27th, for a case management hearing on her Manslaughter by Negligence charge for the death of Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott.

Jasmine Hartin detained on allegations of hit on ComPol and a Magistrate

Canadian national Jasmine Hartin, accused of killing Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott, was taken into police custody for possibly being involved in a hit against Commissioner of Police Chester Williams and a Magistrate. Hartin denies the allegation saying that a disgruntled former maintenance worker made up the story. She has been transported to Belize City for questioning as the investigation continues.

Family court grants Andrew Ashcroft interim custody of children

Jasmine Hartin took her former partner Andrew Ashcroft to the Family Court in Belize City on Tuesday, July 20th to get custody of their 4-year-old twins. The court granted Ashcroft interim custody of the children, and the case was adjourned.

Jasmine Hartin returns to the island demanding to see her children

On Tuesday, June 22nd, the long-time partner of Lord Michael Ashcroft’s son Andrew, Jasmine Hartin, was spotted in San Pedro Town. The Canadian-born island socialite reportedly tried to see her two children but was denied.

Close friends says Supt. Henry Jemmott died a happy man

Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott spent most of his last day alive doing what he loved most-fishing. On Thursday, May 27th, the deceased senior cop was the happiest man on the boat and wanted to repeat the fun the following day. Unfortunately, that was his last fishing trip, as hours later, he was shot dead in the early hours of Friday, May 28th, while socializing with Lord Michael Ashcroft’s daughter-in-law-Jasmine Hartin. On May 31st Hartin was charged for Manslaughter by Negligence after she claims to have accidentally shot him.

Charged with Manslaughter, Jasmine Hartin remanded to Belize Central Prison after shooting death of top cop

After four nights in custody at the San Pedro Police department, tonight, June 1st, island socialite Jasmine Hartin is spending her first night at the Kolbe Foundation - Belize Central Prison. Hartin was remanded for the charge of Manslaughter by Negligence in the shooting death of 42-year-old Superintendent of Police Henry Jemmott. She will remain there awaiting her bail application to the Supreme Court.

Jasmine Hartin remains in police custody after senior cop is killed

Well-known island businesswoman Jasmine Hartin, partner of entrepreneur/developer Andrew Ashcroft, remains in police custody following the fatal shooting death of Superintendent of Police Henry Jemmott. 42-year-old Jemmott was apparently shot in the head with his own gun while socializing with Hartin.

Michael Ashcroft accused of tax evasion in leaked Paradise Papers

British billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft is once again in the headlines after being linked to another tax evasion scheme dubbed ‘Paradise Papers.’