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queen's land

SPTC addresses unregulated beach dredging in northern Ambergris Caye

The site of what appeared to be unregulated dredging in front of a beachside property nearly ten miles north of San Pedro Town caused much concern on Thursday, September 6th, as the practice is not just illegal, but the area is known for turtle nesting. Mayor Guerrero said that the practice is intolerable as it damages the beach, which is ‘Queens Land.’

Developer north of San Pedro Town removes illegal beach fence after public complaints

Residents from a subdivision along the beach north of San Pedro Town are relieved that a fence used to obstruct vehicle passage on the beach for quite some time was removed on Wednesday, January 31st. They claim that the fence, which extended to the shoreline was erected by one of their neighbors, who is a developer in the area.

SPTC orders removal of wall blocking easement and fence along the beach in Mar de Tumbo area

The reports that the alternate easement adjacent to the property of Banyan Bay Suites was reportedly blocked from its beach entrance on Wednesday, December 13th led to the intervention of The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC).

Ministry of Natural Resources confirms that gated docks are illegal

The Department at the MNR indicated that by denying access, dock proprietors can lose their building permit and may be ordered to dismantle the structure.

Mayor Guerrero approves temporary beach fence

According to Fidel Ancona of the ACBA, Xanadu Resort did not obtain a permit to build the structure, but Mayor Daniel Guerrero gave them special permission.

66 Foot Reserve and Use of Seabed: Ministry of Natural Resources explains

The Commissioner of Lands and Surveys issued a press release on Wednesday, August 10th explaining the utilization of the seabed and of the 66 feet reserve.

Clearing of 66-feet reserve and steep slopes

Press Release - GOB Press Office, Belmopan - August 10, 2011 - The Department of the Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment,...