Wolfe’s Woofer: Communication

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Dennis-Wolfe-Wolfes-Woofers“I figured I would run into you here.”
I turned around and it was Rick, a guy who comes down here from Houston twice a year. I was sitting on the deck of the Holiday enjoying a cup of coffee and watching the waves break on the reef.
Rick took a seat and I asked, “How are things in Houston? Is the furniture business doing well?”
“It is,” he said, “but I have other things on my mind right now. You know, I’ve never had much luck with the ladies and this year it’s been even worse. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.”
“Maybe you’re trying to hustle them too hard,” I said. “Ladies don’t like to be hurried.”
“No, I take plenty of time with them. I wine them and dine them and I still don’t get anywhere. I’m doing something wrong. Last night was typical.”
“What do you mean?”
“I met a drop dead gorgeous girl at Jaguar’s who didn’t speak a word of English. I don’t speak any Spanish.”
“You have to be able to communicate,” I said.
Rick said, “I had a great idea. I got a napkin and drew a glass of wine on it. When I showed it to her she nodded yes, so I bought her a glass of wine.”
“That’s good thinking.”
“Then I got another napkin and drew a plate with food on it. She nodded yes so we went out to dinner.”
“Sounds like you were making progress.”
“I don’t know,” he said. “After dinner she got a napkin and borrowed my pen. She drew a picture of a bed and showed it to me.”
“Now that is communication,” I said.
“Not really.” Rick said. “For the life of me I cannot figure out how she knew I was in the furniture business.”

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