Wolfe’s Woofer: Thieves

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

Dennis-Wolfe-Wolfes-Woofers“Charlie called while you were out,” Sherry said. “He has some kind of emergency.”
“What kind of emergency?” I asked.
“Something about his golf cart.”
“Charlie doesn’t even have a golf cart,” I said.
“All I know is what he told me. He said someone had stolen his golf cart or parts off of his golf cart. I’m not sure what he was saying.”
“Did he sound like he was sober?”
“You know how it is with Charlie. Sometimes he drinks all day long and still sounds sober. I didn’t ask. Anyway, he’s waiting for you at Estel’s.”
The phone rang and I picked it up.
“Hello. Dennis speaking.”
“This is Charlie. I’m down at the restaurant and the front wheels are missing off of my golf cart.”
“Which golf cart? I didn’t know you owned one.”
“It’s Charles’s cart. Today is Tuesday and the restaurant is closed. Charles went to Chetumal so I took his cart and went out drinking. I’ve been drinking all day.”
“They stole your front wheels?” I asked.
“They stole them when I stopped here to get a beer,” he said.“ I’ve been looking at it closer. It looks like they stole the whole front end off of the cart; steering wheel and all.”
“I’ll be right there.”
I found Charlie sitting in the golf cart outside of Estel’s restaurant.
“See,” he said to me. “They stole the whole front end.”
“Charlie, you’re just drunk,” I said. “You’re sitting in the back seat.”

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