The National AIDS Commission (NAC) Island Committee: Rethinking HIV Prevention

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

On Saturday April 6th, the National AIDS Commission Island Committee met to view a presentation prepared by Dr.Martin M. Cuellar, Ph.D, Executive Director of the commission at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Poly Clinic II. The presentation,which started at 9AM,was primarily focused on
“Rethinking HIV Prevention.”  Topics discussed at the presentation included Identifying needs, Reviewing Risk Factors, Reducing Risks and Behavioural Change to those suffering and affected by HIV/AIDS.

San Pedro NAC Meeting-2

The main purpose of the meeting was to relay the latest information to its members, including outreach strategies. Also presented was some of the latest statistical information in regards to identifying prospective target groups, thus relaying competent information to that particular group. In addition to the health facts presented in the morning segment of the meeting was a presentation prepared by presentation specialist Eckert Middleton. This presentation edified NAC Island Committee members on the fundamentals of preparing an effective presentation. It included everything from what to include in a presentation all the way the down to fundamentals such as selecting appropriate font types and sizing. At end of the meeting the NAC Island Committee was given tools that would assist in outreach including, sex-ed games that could be used at the adolescence outreach level.

San Pedro NAC Meeting-3

The group also discussed several other outreach methods, apart from those presented, and are currently working on those new plans for San Pedro Town.

San Pedro NAC Meeting-4

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