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Letter to the Editor: Traffic

Letter to the Editor: Traffic

Dear Editor,
Every day that I walk around town I see irresponsible drivers speeding. Everybody complains about the amount of golf carts coming to the island, but when anybody is driving, they seem to forget that there are pedestrians.
Just the other day I was driving, and I overheard a tourist yelling at his wife/girlfriend “Get out of the way before they run you over!” as he pulled her by her arm. Of course, I was taking my time cruising with my wife beside me and my golf cart engine wasn’t revving, and I am sure I heard him correctly, and there was no other golf cart in front of me.
I have repeatedly watched as couples (sometimes with children) wait for the vehicles to pass (taxis too…. they don’t give a darn…). If you take a walk you will seldom see drivers giving pedestrians the go ahead, everybody is in such a rush.
Aren’t you supposed to stop before you turn right or left at a corner? Many times, I have had to stop all of a sudden when walking at a corner because the golf cart wont.
The other thing that bothers me the most, a company’s driver picking another golf cart therefore “towing it” along the middle and front streets, are they not stupid enough to realize that there are parts on the street where the golf carts “bounce” from side to side especially where there are the little waterways in the middle of the street or the corners, you know the ones that I mean? Drain-like.
Let’s pray that this does not happen but, can anyone imagine any of these drivers towing a golf cart coming at full speed and turning right or left and the hind golf cart bounces off and onto a person walking or a child from going home from school?
Where is the Traffic department when needed? I haven’t seen them stopping any one lately. All I have seen is them writing tickets to parked golf carts. I am only guessing that is how they make their commission.
I am well aware of many “accidents” that have gone “unpunished” by Traffic or by Police laws and regulations.
Take for example a certain lady from Boca del Rio, who was literally run over by a drunk driving “chef” from San Mateo. The “chef” is still drunk every day… not sure if he is still “cheffing or driving while drunk” … but I am sure he is still driving while being a “chef”. I heard the accident happen, but I don’t recall it being mentioned on the news. And yet he was not penalized in any way, or maybe he was. Are you familiar with the Belizean saying, “Money talks… Bull$*+ Walks???” He didn’t even offer a little compensation or monetary assistance to the victim. But then again, maybe he paid off the department “or the employees” or the “officer”.
I have a lot more to comment on but, you will edit this for content if not for length. One thing I am certain that is about to happen is one of these drivers being killed for running over someone. We are seeing and hearing how people are waiting for an excuse to kill someone here on the island.
Think about it.
Name withheld by request
With a pain on my chest,
Concerned Citizen