Doctor Love

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Dear Doctor Love,
I am divorced and I have been dating a businessman who is also divorced. We date each other exclusively but because of his busy schedule we see each other only on week ends. We did this because he did not want me dating anyone else. I never told him that I did not want to date anyone else but it was definitely taken for granted.
Last week he was out of town. I dropped by his house to leave some things with his housekeeper. Instead of the maid, he answered the door wearing only a robe and he was shocked to see me. While I was at the door I saw a woman walk from his bedroom to his bathroom. He told me she was just a friend and that they never had sex. I left and later he admitted that they did have sex occasionally but she meant nothing to him. I told him we are done and he begged for another chance. I told him I would consider it.
What should I do?
/s/ Betrayed

Dear Betrayed,
You know as well as anyone what to do. You need to get as far away from him as you can. He is telling you that they occasionally have sex but she means nothing to him. You can bet your all that he is telling her the same thing about you.Dr-Love

Dear Doctor Love,
I am a seventeen year old girl graduating high school this year. All my life growing up my parents have favored my little brother over me. He always got every thing he wanted. He was sent to a private school and it was so expensive that we could not afford a quince años party for me. I have always been a good daughter and an excellent student and I want to go to university. Instead, my folks are saving up for my brother’s education. I love my little brother but this seems so unfair to me. I see this same thing happen to other girls I know. Why do parents do this to children who are good to them?
/s/ Treated Badly

Dear Treated,
Sadly, Central America is still a male dominated culture. The males are usually expected to do the business. The females are designated to be housekeepers. It is a sad state of affairs but it is true. If you have no chance for a scholarship try to break away and find your own way to pay for college. Others have done it.

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