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Belize and Cuba Celebrate 27th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations

Belize and Cuba Celebrate 27th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations
July 15, 2022 marked 27 years of established diplomatic relations between Belize and Cuba. The bilateral relationship between Belize and Cuba is a true example of a good neighbour, friend and comrade. Both countries have cultivated a strong friendship rooted in cooperation, shared values and mutual respect.
As a testament to this historic and enduring friendship, Prime Minister Hon. John Briceño, accompanied by a delegation from Belize, was received in Cuba by President Miguel Díaz-Canel in April 2022. The Prime Minister’s visit reaffirmed the political, economic, and social affiliations between the two nations.
Cuba’s culture and art have permeated Belize’s society through cooperation efforts and educational initiatives. Through the longstanding partnership in education, over 100 students have benefited from annual scholarship programmes at Cuban Universities. Belize’s public health system has also benefited from the integration of Cuban medical specialists, technicians, and nursing officers, with 118 currently working in the public sector countrywide. Furthermore, Belizean artists have been impacted in lasting ways through the continued collaboration and influence of their Cuban counterparts. During his visit to Cuba, Prime Minister Briceño met with the famous Cuban artist, Jose Fuster, who unveiled a mural dedicated to Belize.
These initiatives continue to provide further depth and dimension to Belize-Cuba relations. Despite facing unjust circumstances, Cuba’s selflessness is admirable and impressive in the context of the ongoing economic and financial embargo. Belize continues to call for an end to the blockade and stands in solidarity with the people and Government of Cuba.
The people and Government of Belize recognize the 27-year diplomatic relationship between Belize and Cuba and look forward to the continuation of collaboration based on the shared vision for the wellbeing of citizens, strengthening of the region and representation internationally.