Silverio Cal and Melvin Montesino reported missing in San Pedro

Monday, June 17th, 2019

The San Pedro Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in locating two island residents, 27-year-old Silverio Cal and 26-year-old Melvin Montesino, who have been missing since Thursday, June 13th.

Missing Persons

Left: Melvin Montesinos, Right: Sylverio Cal

According to the official police report, Cal and Montesino both departed from their homes in town en-route to the northern coast of Ambergris Caye on Thursday, June 13th and have not been heard from or seen since. Two days of searches have been conducted by family members and police officers in the area where they were last seen. On Friday, June 14th, during a frantic search, Police officers reported that they found a motorcycle helmet and a mirror, suspected to be from Montesino’s motorcycle, on the northern beach.

The San Pedro Police Department is working arduously in locating Cal and Montesino. Any person that may have information that could lead to the location of Cal and Montesino can visit the station on Pescador Drive or call 206-2022. Tips will remain anonymous.

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