Kent Gabourel wins Weekend Warriors’ cycling time trials

Friday, July 24th, 2015

San Pedro’s Kent “Bob” Gabourel of Team Benny’s Megabytes won the Weekend Warriors Cycling Club individual time trials held from Mile 23 at the Rockville junction to mile 32.5 on the George Price highway on Sunday, July 5, in preparation for their national road championships to be held on Sunday, July 12th. Unfortunately Gabourel finished in 5th in the national road championship, nevertheless his performance was excellent.1st Kent Gabourel
A Division
1st Kent Gabourel – Team Benny’s Megabytes – 26:12 minutes
2nd Robert Mariano – Team DigiCell 4G – 26:26.04
3rd Warren Coye – Team Santino’s 26:26.12
4th George Abraham – Team BelCal – 26:29
5th Daniel Cano – Team Santino’s 26:50
6th Preston Martinez – Team Benny’s Megabytes – 27:09
7th David Pollard – Team BCB/F.T.Williams – 27:22
8th Fitzgerald “Palas” Joseph – Team Lampaz – 28:31
9th Derrick Smith – Team BWS – 29:03
10th Kenny Gooding – Team BCB/F.T.Williams – 29:24.
B Division
1st Ray Cattouse – Team C-Ray – 26:26.04
2nd Isaiah willacey – Team BCB/F.T.Williams – 26:19
3rd Chris Coye – Team Sagitun – 27:29
4th Mark Reid – Team Santinos – 28:39
5th Mark lisbey – Team BCB/F.T.Williams – 29:21
6th Ian Abraham – Team SMART – 29:24
7th Antonio Escarpeta – Team BCB/F.T.Williams – 29:37
8th Kaya Cattouse – Team C-ray – 28:58
9th Salvador Alvarado – Team BCB/F.T.Williams – 33:39
C Division
1st Valentine Sosa – Truckers Posse 32:28
2nd Eustace Ireland – Lampaz – 32:34IMG_6870 Kent Gabourel wins 1st prize in Time Trials

Team DigiCell won 1st and 3rd places in the Weekend Warriors’ road race held as part of their national road championships on the Hummingbird and George Price Highways on Sunday, July 12th. Unfortunately Gabourel finished in 5th, nevertheless his performance was excellent.
A Division (65 miles from Sibun Bridge)
1st Robert Mariano – Team DigiCell – 3:17:48
2nd Kareem Flowers – Team Santino’s
3rd Jack Sutherland – Team DigiCell
4th Vallan Symns – Team Megabytes
5th Kent “Bob” Gabourel – Team Megabytes
6th Preston Martinez – Team Megabytes
7th George Abraham – Team BelCal
8th Colin Maheia – Team BCB/F.T.Williams
9th David Pollard – Team BCB/F.T.Williams
10th Andrew “Papa” Brown – Team Megabytes.
3rd CurtisBrdley – Team BCB/F.T.Williams – 32:57
4th Lawrence Craig – Truckers Posse
5th Enrique Morales – Team Caribbean Tires – 33:58
6th Alejandro Morales – Team Caribbean Tires – 34:26IMG_6871 KentGabourel wins TimeTrial champ

On Sunday, July 19th, Gabourel once again took the first place prize at the Weekend Warriors’ road race held in Orange Walk Town.
The San Pedro Sun congratulates Gabourel on all his races and encourages him to continue exceling in sports.

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