Saturday, May 25, 2024

Belize Sugar Industry

EU’s €72 Million Accompanying Measures for Sugar comes to an end

Funded since 2008, the European Union’s €72 Million euros in Accompanying Measures for Sugar (AMS) programme is coming to an end.

European Union’s sugar prices drop

The international sugar prices have decreased in the new sugar crop season, which has the Belize Sugar Industry (BSI) concerned.

EU to lift quotas on sugar

The sustainability of Belize’s sugar industry is now uncertain as the European Union (EU) is seeking to lift quotas on cane sugar, and exchange it with beet sugar.

BSI prepares for EU reform on sugar market

The Belize Sugar Industry (BSI) is bracing for direct competition in 2017 following the recent European Union’s (EU) reform on world sugar prices.

The Santander Group exports first sugar shipment

On Friday, July 29th, The Santander Group exported its inaugural shipment of product to Europe.

Sugar Cane Season set to start after long standoff between cañeros and BSI/ASR

The 2015 Sugar Cane Season is finally set to start after the two parties in the industry - the cañeros and Belize Sugar Industry/American...

Cane Farmers refuse to submit to BSI/ASR’s agreement

Over 1,516 cane farmers attended a special general meeting held on Sunday, January 4th at the Escuela Secundaria Technica Mexico campus located in San...

Belize’s sugar crop season in limbo as cañero and BSI/ASR butt heads

One of Belize’s largest agriculture sectors, the sugar industry, is in limbo as there is no clear sign when the crop season will be...