Thursday, June 20, 2024

Caribbean SEA

Tropical wave to cause rains this weekend

A tropical wave over the southwestern Caribbean Sea near Nicaragua will cause showers and thunderstorms across Belize starting Friday evening, July 28th. The National Meteorological Service of Belize said as the tropical wave approaches the country, the rain will increase throughout the night and tomorrow, Saturday.

2023 Hurricane Season officially starts; area of low pressure identified

The 2023 Hurricane Season for the Atlantic Basin (North Atlantic, Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico) officially started on Thursday, June 1st, and will run through November 30th. The National Hurricane Center is already monitoring a low-pressure disturbance over the northeastern Gulf of Mexico. The weather disturbance poses no significant threat, as the system will encounter unfavorable conditions for further development by this weekend.

Hurricane Ian gaining strength in the Caribbean; Belize spared

A weather disturbance with disorganized showers moving west across the Caribbean Sea had Belizeans on alert when it was forecast to become a major storm, with the possibility of heading towards Belize. The storm has developed into Hurricane Ian. According to the most recent models, its path will take it away from Belize, heading north towards western Cuba and the state of Florida in the United States.

Unexpected influx of Sargassum invades San Pedro beaches

On Wednesday, August 24th, residents on Ambergris Caye were surprised to see the beaches full of Sargassum. The previous day the shoreline appeared free of the brown algae; just hours later, the beaches were choked with the brown seaweed, with more expected in the coming days.

2022 Hurricane Season officially starts; weather disturbances are being monitored

The 2022 Hurricane Season for the Atlantic Basin (North Atlantic, Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico) officially started on Wednesday, June 1st, and will run through November 30th. The season has begun with the National Hurricane Center (NHC) monitoring two areas for potential tropical cyclone development.

San Pedro Town Council to enforce the removal excess signage from public areas

San Pedro Town Council saw the need for the regulation as these signs can be dangerous in the case of a natural disaster like a hurricane. The Mayor stated that not only can they be hazardous, but the saturation of advertisement posters can make an area look unattractive. Nuñez reminded the public that such practice is allowed on private property and not in public places.

Heavy rains expected as Tropical Storm Grace approaches the Yucatan Peninsula

Tropical Storm Grace in the Caribbean Sea is forecast to strengthen into a hurricane tomorrow, Wednesday, August 18th, before reaching the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico’s eastern coast. The potential hurricane does not pose a direct threat to Belize but will bring rain to the country beginning Wednesday afternoon and increasing at night through Thursday midday.

Opening of 2021 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season

1st June marks the official start of the 2021 hurricane season for the Atlantic Basin. The season runs from 1st June to 30th November each year. However, the formation of tropical cyclones is possible at any time of the year, as shown by the formation of tropical storm Ana in late May. The formation of this system marks the seventh consecutive year a storm has developed before the official start of the season.