Saturday, May 25, 2024

commissioner of police

Police Department issues restrictions on the use of firearms for advertising/posting online

The Belize Police Department has issued a memo restricting the use of firearms for advertising and/or making posts on social media. The official note, dated May 30th, was addressed to gun dealers, and expressed concerns about how firearms are used to attract sale. The Belize Police Department set out a stern warning, highlighting that if such behavior continues, it can lead to an arrest and the revocation of licenses.

Police release Christian Espat after questioning over the murder of Mirza Morales

Christian Espat was released without charges on Wednesday, May 31st, after being in police custody as the main suspect in the murder investigation of his ex-partner Mirza Morales. Espat turned himself over to the San Pedro Police in the company of his attorney and family members on Tuesday, May 30th.

Investigation ongoing in the murder of Mirza Morales; believed to have ties to the 2019 San Pedro Double Murder

Former San Pedro resident, 31-year-old Mirza Morales, was murdered at her business establishment, La Casona Restaurant and Bar, at El Progresso (Seven Miles) in the Cayo District over the weekend. According to police reports, the incident seems to have been a targeted attack, as no signs of a robbery were observed. Before relocating from San Pedro Town, Morales was the partner of tour guide Mario Graniel who, along with American tourist Dr. Gary Swank, was shot dead during a fly-fishing trip.

Cops removed from San Pedro for misconduct

Two Corporals attached to the San Pedro Police Formation were removed from the island after being accused of misconduct. The Commissioner of Police (ComPol), Chester Williams, confirmed their removal and said it was to maintain good administration in San Pedro. ComPol added that they aim for the San Pedro Police Station to run in a manner conducive for all working there or visiting the police station to feel comfortable.

Amended liquor licensing regulation allows sale of alcohol on Good Friday  

The banning of alcohol sales on Good Friday may now be considered a thing of the past following the amendment to the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Regulation passed in December 2022. As per the amendment to that Statutory Instrument (SI) and explained by Commissioner of Police (ComPol) Chester Williams on Wednesday, April 5, the change in the law allows establishments to sell alcohol as usual. However, the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) issued a note prohibiting the sale of liquor on Good Friday until 8PM. According to local authorities, this allows traditional church services/activities to occur throughout the day.

ComPol Chester Williams visits San Pedro to coordinate surveillance system installation

To continue working towards a safer island community, the Commissioner of Police (ComPol) Chester Williams visited the island on Friday, January 13th, to join the efforts in establishing a surveillance network in and around downtown San Pedro. The plan also aims to partner with local stakeholders and set up security cameras in strategic points of the island town to monitor illicit activities better.

Paguada and Salazar arraigned for Murder; police looking for third suspect Alfredo Trapp in tourist murder

Delson Paguada and Lucio Salazar were arraigned on Tuesday, January 3rd, in Belize City for the shooting death of American tourist J’Bria Michelle Bowens. Both were charged with Murder and remanded to the Belize Central Prison until their next court date on March 3, 2023. The Belize Police Department also released the image of islander Alfredo Trapp wanted for questioning in Bowens’ death. Bowens, a nursing student, was vacationing in San Pedro Town with her family when she was caught by a barrage of bullets on Friday, December 30th, outside Jaguar’s nightclub.

Belize Police Department issues regulations on the sale of alcohol during Christmas holidays

The Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, said on Wednesday, December 21st, that during the mentioned periods, as highlighted below, no liquor should be exposed for sale, sold, consumed, or delivered on such premises during the period when they are required to be closed. ComPol stressed that no persons other than the license holders or the employees should be on the licensed premises. In addition, no liquor should be sold in a restaurant except to a customer buying a full meal and consuming an alcoholic beverage with it.