Saturday, May 18, 2024

Leader of the Opposition

The Opposition of the United Democratic Party protested without police authorization

As confirmed in a zoom interview with reporters yesterday, August 22nd, by Chairman of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Senator Michael Peyrefitte, a protest took place in Belize City on Tuesday, August 23rd, against the current administration under the People’s United Party (PUP). Even though the Belize Police Department did not approve to conduct the demonstration, it went uninterrupted and with no incidents.

Notorious rapper turned politician: Shyne Barrow elected as leader of the United Democratic Party

Moses 'Shyne' Barrow, a Belizean rapper who grew up in New York City, USA, was incarcerated for almost ten years following a shooting incident and then deported to Belize, has turned his life around in an extraordinary manner. On Sunday, March 27th, Barrow was elected party leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP), which has minority representation in the National Assembly. The new leader now has the task of uniting the party and winning the 2025 general election.

Government tables Domestic Violence motion in House of Representatives 

In a rare occurrence, the Belizean Parliament joined forces on Friday, February 4th, during the Sitting of the House, and agreed on new legislation against gender-based domestic violence. The Bill sets out specific measures the government will take against this issue. The motion responded to the increasing reports of domestic abuse, including the recent allegation of abuse made against former UDP Leader of the Opposition Patrick Faber. 

Shyne Barrow is Leader of the Opposition, once again

On Tuesday, February 1st, and for the second time, the Area Representative of Mesopotamia, Honourable Moses 'Shyne' Barrow, was sworn in as Leader of the Opposition (LOO) under the United Democratic Party (UDP). This came after Patrick Faber resigned from the post after being involved in a domestic issue with his fiancée. Although he is no longer the LOO, Faber continues being the leader of the UDP.

Hope Haven highlights the importance of understanding domestic violence and what can be done

Domestic violence has been an ongoing issue affecting communities across the globe. The recent events involving public figures, such as the case between the Leader of the Opposition (LOO) and his fiancée, leave no doubt that this issue affects everyone in society. In San Pedro Town, stakeholders have launched initiatives such as Hope Haven Children’s Home and the Hope Haven Domestic Violence Outreach Center to tackle this concern and guide victims safely out of unhealthy situations.

Patrick Faber resigns as leader of the United Democratic Party and Leader of the Opposition

Leader of the Opposition and the United Democratic Party, Honourable Patrick Faber, announced his resignation on Monday, January 24th, via Facebook. Both concessions are to become effective on January 31, 2022. Faber remains Area Representative for the Collet Constituency in the Belize District.

UDP Leader Hon. Patrick Faber still wanted by police; fiancée withdraws domestic violence charges

Despite confirmed reports that Dr. Shanikka Arnold has withdrawn charges against her fiancée, the Leader of the Opposition (LOO), and the United Democratic Party (UDP) Honourable Patrick Faber, police will still arrest and charge him for domestic abuse. Faber is accused of assaulting Arnold and causing damage to her laptop computer.

Police issue warrant for UDP Leader Hon. Patrick Faber for domestic violence accusation

Police have issued an arrest warrant for the Leader of the Opposition and the UDP Honourable Patrick Faber in response to a domestic violence complaint. His fiancée, Dr. Shanikka Arnold, made a report to police on Wednesday, January 19th alleging that he caused damage to her laptop and assaulted her.