Wolfe’s Woofer: Christmas Present

Sunday, January 8th, 2017

“Hey, Bob. Bring your coffee and have a seat.”
Bob came over to my table with two cups of coffee from Celi’s Deli. One was for his wife, Nancy, who arrived shortly carrying two breakfast burritos.
“Nancy’s off to Mexico for a week,” Bob said to me. “She’s going for a seminar on the tourist business.”
“Where are you going in Mexico?” I asked.
“It’s being held in Mexico City.”
“I’ll be surprised if you don’t like it,” I said. “The size of the city makes New York look like a small town. Plus, they have the same shops like Saks Fifth Avenue and Tiffany’s.”
“That sounds interesting,” Nancy said. “I’ll do some shopping. Can I bring something back for you? Maybe a Christmas gift?”
“Oh, no thanks.”
“You can get something for me,” Bob said. “Bring me one of those Mexican girls.”
Bob joined me yesterday on the deck of the Holiday Hotel for coffee.
“Nancy’s back from Mexico,” he announced. “When her plane comes in she’s going to meet me for breakfast.”
When Nancy arrived it was hugs all around.
“Wow, what a trip!” she said. “The seminar was great and I really got some power shopping done.”
“Did you bring my present?” Bob asked.
“What present was that?”
“I asked you to bring me back a Mexican girl.”
“Well, I did what I could,” she said. “Now, we have to wait a few months to see if it’s a girl.”

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