Wolfe’s Woofer: Did You Find It?

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

“It’s the Melody!” I said to Sherry. “Is that my grandsons that you have with you?”
“It sure is,” Melody said, giving me a hug. “Say hi to your grandpa, boys.”
Davin said, “Hi, grandpa,” and little Grayson mumbled something that could have been about grandpa.
We sat on the porch and talked until Grayson said, “Ma, I got to go to go pee.”
I opened the door for him and said, “Here. Go right ahead to the bathroom.”
When he returned a few minutes later Melody asked, “Did you go?”
“I couldn’t find it,” Grayson said.
“You’ve been to the bathroom here before,” Melody said. “It’s all the way in the back; the door by the stairs. Now go.”
Once again Grayson went searching. When he returned Melody asked, “Well. Did you go the bathroom this time?”
He said, “No, Ma.”
“I still couldn’t find it.”
“Davin, take your brother to the bathroom,” Melody said. “I’m tired of this.”
When the boys came back to the porch Melody asked, “Did he finally go?”
“Yes, Ma.”
“I wonder why he couldn’t find it himself,” she said
Davin said, “Ma, Greyson couldn’t find it because his briefs were on backwards.”

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