Wolfe’s Woofer: Haircut

Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

“Meet me at one o’clock for a late lunch at that restaurant by Brodie’s,” Sherry said. “If you have time, you need to get a haircut.”
I was already tired of shopping, so I found a small two-man barbershop and took a seat for waiting customers. A barber finished one customer and took his money. Then he waved me into the seat.
“I’m behind this young man,” I said.
I pointed to an eight or nine-year-old boy who was the only other customer waiting,
“It’s alright,” the man in the next barber chair said. “You can go ahead. He’s with me.”
As I took my seat, the other barber finished brushing his customer’s hair.
“O.K., sir,” he said. “What do you think?”
He spun the chair around, so the customer could check the mirror.
“That’s great,” the man said.
He got out of his chair and said, “Come here, boy. Let the man cut your hair.”
As the barber began cutting the boy’s hair, the man told him, “I need to pick up some things from that laundry right around the corner. I’ll be right back.”
My barber finished cutting my hair about the same time that the other barber was finishing with the boy.
The barber said, “Say, young man. When is your father coming back?”
The boy said, “He’s not my father. He met me in the street and asked if I wanted a free haircut.”

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