Wolfe’s Woofer: Texas Breakfast

Sunday, October 28th, 2018

“Dennis Wolfe, come up here and sit with me!”
It was early in the morning as I was walking down the beach in front of Fido’s when I heard the unmistakable Texas drawl of Casey Moore calling to me from the deck.
“Casey Moore, you rascal,” I said. “I heard you were back in town. It’s good to see you.”
We swapped lies for a while and I caught up on Casey’s adventures in Thailand.
“I knew you would be coming back to Belize,” I told him. “Charlie was keeping your banjo for you so I figured you would have to come back for it.”
“That banjo is worth flying halfway around the world for.”
“I’m getting hungry,” I said. “I’m ready for breakfast.”
“I’m getting thirsty,” Casey said. “I’m ready for the bar to open.”
As we chatted, the restaurant and bar began to open and a waiter stopped at our table.
“Gentlemen, would you like to order breakfast?” he asked, as he gave us our menus.
“I think I’ll have the Belizean breakfast,” I said. “Eggs over easy and orange juice.”
“And you?” the waiter asked Casey.
“I want a Texas breakfast,” Casey told him.
“A Texas breakfast? That’s not on our menu but let me know what you need and I’ll try to get it.”
“O.K. Bring me a steak, a glass of whiskey and a bulldog.”
“Excuse me, please,” the waiter said. “Did you say a bulldog?”
“Yes, sir. Steak, whiskey and a bulldog.”
“Why would you order a bulldog?”
“To eat the steak, sir!”

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