Wolfe’s Woofer: A Good Provider

Sunday, November 18th, 2018

“Do you remember Dolores?” Sherry asked. “She’s the girl who used to work doing cleanup for me when I had the Monkey Bites Café.”
“Yeah,” I said. “She also worked for us as a maid for two days a week.”
“That’s her.”
“Didn’t she move back to her village on the mainland?”
“Yes, but she’s back on the island. She came by yesterday looking for domestic work and I’d like to hire her for a couple of days a week. What do you think?”
“It’s fine as long as she doesn’t touch any of my stuff. Anything of mine she ever touched disappeared for a week. Finding my shoes or my keys was like searching for Easter eggs.”
Dolores reported for work yesterday morning while I was having my morning coffee. I got a cup for her and we chatted a little bit before she got down to the business of hiding things.
“How is life in Burrell Boom?” I asked.
“It’s too slow and there’s no work. That’s why I came back to San Pedro.”
“Sherry told me you got married. Do you like married life?”
“Oh, it’s good. I been married three years now and me and Pablo got two babies.”
“Does he help you with the babies?” I asked.
“Sí. Pablo is a very good husband. In San Pedro he makes a lot of good money.”
“He’s a good provider, then,” I said.
“Sí, but that worries me very much.”
“Why would you worry about him being a good provider?” I asked.
“I afraid he’ll get caught.”

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