Wolfe’s Woofer: Umbrellas

Sunday, July 14th, 2019

“Stop! Thief! Thief!”
As I walked out of the restaurant a stout angry lady ran behind me shouting and pointing. I had picked up her umbrella by mistake.
“Ma’am, I am so sorry,” I said. “I always carry one in the rainy season but mine is broken right now and I accidentally picked up yours. It was an honest mistake.”
“Thieves always say that,” she said, and then she called me a few more choice names.
“I’m glad you think it’s funny,” I said to Sherry when I told her about it. “I’ve never been so humiliated.”
“Besides that,” I said, “I’ll have to buy another, but we already have four broken ones.”
“You don’t have to buy a new one,” she said. “I found a little appliance repair shop down past the high school. The man who runs the shop said he could fix them, so I dropped all four of them off. They should be ready by now.”
This morning, after a lot of searching, I found the repair shop.
“Sí, señor,” said the little old man at the shop. “They are as good as new.”
I had to stop at the bank, and I couldn’t leave the umbrellas in the golf cart, so I brought them in with me and got in line. I immediately started daydreaming about fishing.
“Aha!” someone in the line behind me said loudly,
I turned around and faced the stout lady from the restaurant. She looked me up and down with fire and scorn in her eyes. She eyed my umbrellas while she gripped hers tightly.
“Aha!” she said, again. “It looks like you’re having a good day.”

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