Cultural Day celebrated in preschools

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Preschool students countrywide are ending a month long calendar of events as part of Child Stimulation Month. One of the anticipated events was Cultural Day, which took place on Wednesday March 18th in preschools across the island. As customary, the youngsters and teachers were dressed in cultural attire, and they worked on projects which depicted food, clothing, agricultural crops, music and religious beliefs of each of the ethnic groups.Pre School Culture Day San Pedro-13
According to the teachers at the various preschools, students were put into groups from before the start of Child Stimulation Month, in order to prepare for the various events including Cultural Day. Pre School Culture Day San Pedro-11Students and visitors had the opportunity to interact, learn and even sample food pertinent to the different ethnic groups found in Belize.
Belize is considered a melting pot with a diverse and unique mix of cultures. Officially, there are three different Maya groups in Belize; Ketchi, Mopan and Yucatec. In addition, the other ethnic groups are the Creoles, Mestizo, Garifuna, and East Indians. In the 80’s, the list of ethnic groups extended to include Mennonites and Chinese. On the island, the students have even honored our North American friends including them as a cultural group. Also notable of Belize is that the ethnic groups have intermarried, changing and making it difficult for many modern-day Belizeans to belong to one particular ethnic group.

Child Stimulation month 2015 is held under the theme “Learn Early- Learn for Life”.

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