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Caribbean Spiny Lobster

San Pedro Lobster Fest block party returns with a blast 

The first block party in honor of the lobster season since the COVID-19 pandemic was held on Saturday, July 9th,   at the Honourable Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex. The annual festivity included the highly anticipated week-long Lobster Crawl that culminated with a fantastic party, complete with gaily-decorated restaurant booths offering savory bites of lobster dishes, and unique cocktails to wash them all down. A highlight of the evening was a food and drink competition.

Opening of the Lobster Fishing Season

Fisher and the public are encouraged to follow the Lobster Fishery regulation: 1. Minimum carapace length is 3 inches 2. Minimum tail weight is 4 ounces 3. It is illegal to have in possession any soft shell (molting) lobster or female with eggs (berried) 4. It is illegal to remove from any female lobster any eggs or spawn or the setae or fibre to with any eggs or spawn attached. 5. No person persons establishment should have in possession fillet or diced tail.

Lobster Season closes February 28th

Lovers of the Caribbean Spiny Lobster and fishermen are reminded that the season will end on February 28th. In the past, the lobster season used to end on February 15th and re-open every 14th of June. This year, the re-opening of the season is extended to June 30th.

Lobster season officially opens; island fishers busy at work

For all those lovers of the Caribbean Spiny Lobster, the 2021-2022 season officially opened on Thursday, July 1st. Fishermen in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, set sail early in the morning and hours later returned with a bounty of tasty crustaceans that were sold and delivered to restaurants. The opening of the season also signals another anticipated event on the island - the annual lobster festival.

Lobster season dates have been changed; now closed March 1st – June 30th every year

The decision to extend the season was made by the Honourable Andre Perez, Minister of the Blue Economy and Civil Aviation, after consulting with the Fisheries Department and the fishing industry. As per the Fisheries Regulations 24A (1), the season extension will now close from the first of March to June 30th of this year.

Sandbar shines at San Pedro Lobster Festival 2018

After eight days of lobster crawl parties at various participating businesses on the island, the highly anticipated San Pedro Lobster Festival Block Party capped...

Lobster Season reopens: Belize Fisheries Department predicts a profitable lobster season

After a four month spawning period, the lobster season reopened on Thursday, June 15th, and the BFD is making a positive prediction for a profitable lobster season.

Belize Fisheries Department reports on 2014/2015 Lobster Season

Lobster season closed on Sunday February 15th, and The Belize Fisheries Department is reporting 0.45% decline in the total production when compared to that...