Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Chris Summers

SCA students conduct beach clean-up in northern Ambergris Caye

A large portion of the Mexico Rocks Marine Reserve beachside in northern Ambergris Caye was cleared of a large amount of garbage on Saturday, January 25th during a clean-up conducted by a group of students from Belize City’s Saint Catherine Academy (SCA) and volunteers from San Pedro Town.

Elda the Warrior

On August 20th, two members of American Crocodile Education Sanctuary’s (ACES) team witnessed a man feed a wild American crocodile frozen chicken in a sealed plastic bag. The croc disappeared beneath the surface with the indigestible “treat” before anyone could stop it.

Heredia and Environmentalist weigh-in on the mangrove clearing south of San Pedro Town

Many island residents are concerned about the clearing of mangroves that is happening south of San Pedro Town as it plays a negative impact on the environment and the tourism industry.

Woman attacked by crocodile south of San Pedro Town

A female tourist was attacked by an estimated 10 to 12-foot crocodile while swimming in the sea on Monday, August 12th after 9PM.

Reef Fest 2019 Coastal Cleanup a success, says Hol Chan Marine Reserve

Once again, a group of volunteers devoted their Saturday morning to join Hol Chan's Coastal Cleanup which removed tons of harmful garbage from the lagoon and coast of Ambergris Caye.

ACES relocates another Anteater on Ambergris Caye

When hotel employees found an anteater wandering its grounds, they called ACES and with the aid of Saga Humane Society, were able to relocated the displaced animal.

ACES organize Earth Day lagoon clean-up

The clean-up started around 9AM outside the San Pedrito canal on the mangroves side, opposite from Captain Iguanas. Garbage collected included a lot of glass and plastic bottles, old sofa’s, a rusted fridge, plastic bags, hangers, shoes, lots of household garbage.

Letter to the Editor: This has to be a community effort

"The goal for the San Pedro Belize Tourism Industry Association (SP BTIA) 4 day cleanup was to hit multiple locations in multiple neighborhoods, but we couldn’t even finish just one road because of how bad it was."