Sunday, April 21, 2024

North Ambergris Caye

Northern Ambergris Caye sees an increase in turtle nesting activity

The Hol Chan Marine Reserve’s sea turtle monitoring program provided an update on the current turtle nesting season on Ambergris Caye on Thursday, August 3rd. According to the Hol Chan team, they have discovered 46 turtle nests, of which 25 have already successfully hatched. As they continue monitoring and recording the nesting season, they asked islanders visiting the northern beaches to be very cautious and, if possible, to avoid driving on the beach as these are the nesting grounds of the sea turtles.

Private sector helping to transport North Ambergris Caye students to school

Students in North Ambergris Caye will no longer struggle with transportation. For families living ten miles north of San Pedro Town, sending their children to schools in the downtown area has been especially difficult. Following an agreement between island businessman Walter Moreno and the local authorities (San Pedro Town Council), a solution has decided. The deal entails that Moreno’s company Elite Transfers, transports the students to and from their schools and, in return, is receives fuel assistance. Moreno is transporting 15 students from the northern community.

Accident leaves portions of north Ambergris Caye without power after driver crashes into light post

On Thursday, December 15th, a section of northern Ambergris Caye experienced a power outage after a motorist crashed his vehicle into a light post. According to reports, two children were in the vehicle at the time of the accident, but only one of them received minor injuries to the face, while the driver was observed bleeding from the side of his face. After both the children and the driver were treated, he was detained by police, fined, and released.

Golf cart theft a growing concern for rental companies; low police presence in area to blame

Over the past months, golf cart rentals in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, have reported a dent in their fleet due to the increase in cart theft. Some companies say the stealing has not slowed down, and it is primarily affecting clients staying in northern Ambergris Caye. As such, they ask the police to establish a more substantial presence in this part of the island.

Sea turtle nesting in northern Ambergris Caye continues under threat from human activity

Over the past weeks, more sea turtle nests have been spotted on the beaches of northern Ambergris Caye. The nesting season, which lasts through November, primarily covers an area from Punta Azul to Robles Beach and the Rocky Point area. Every year a crew from the Hol Chan Marine Reserve monitors and records the nesting period and the challenges affecting the season. This includes human activity such as increased and careless vehicular traffic and improper disposal of garbage. Recently, residents have discovered destroyed turtle nests and eggs on the beach.

Assessment on sailboat stuck on reef by Tranquility area reportedly shows no damage to the reef

An update from the Department of Environment (DOE) on the sailboat named 'Ramblynn' still stuck on the reef in the Tranquility channel area off the north coast of Ambergris Caye revealed that there is no damage to the coral reef. The vessel has been there since March 17th and reportedly only hit solid rock. The next step from DOE and the Belize Port Authority is to find a safe way to remove it before it could cause any damage or obstruction to other navigators.

Wildfire fire north of Ambergris Caye contained by residents and the fire department; slash-and-burn practice is illegal

Over the weekend, on Saturday, April 9th, several residents in northern Ambergris Caye scrambled to tackle a wildfire threatening to spread to nearby homes. It is uncertain how it started, but residents believe it was intended to clear bushy properties. If this is the case, the San Pedro Fire Department advises people that it is illegal to set fires and should be reported to their facilities on Pescador Drive or call 206-2372.

Valentine’s Day beach clean-up shows Ambergris Caye some love

Hundreds of 50-gallon bags were filled with rubbish that stretched for miles along the beach. Most of the discarded items were plastic. There were sandals, bottle caps, empty water bottles, condoms, large plastic containers, glass rum, empty soft drink empty, and even old fishing nets. It is believed that some of this garbage washed ashore from passing ships or near communities, and the balance was left behind by people visiting this beach.