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San Pedro man charged for incest

A 52-year-old construction worker of San Pedro Town was formally arrested and charged on Tuesday, August 9th, for the crime of ‘Incest.’ The report was made on Monday, August 8th, by the victim and the mother. The victim, a 17-year-old minor, reported that her father had been having sexual intercourse with her up until she reached the age of 15.

Rape suspect of 12-year-old girl now in custody, yet to be charged

A police report states that on Saturday, August 21st, a 12-year-old minor was raped when she exited her house to use the outside latrine. A 20-year-old male, identified as Alejandro Choc, is now in custody. He is expected to be charged today (August 24th) or tomorrow, and arraigned on Thursday, August 26th at the San Pedro Magistrate Court.

Adan Cantun charged for rape

Cantun is accused of sexually assaulting a 26-year-old waitress twice on Sunday, January 6th in San Pedro Town. During the court hearing, no plea was taken, and Cantun was remanded to Belize Central Prison until his next court appearance on April 10, 2019.

John Cus arraigned for sexual assault

After police investigations, and a positive identification by the victim, John Cus was formally arraigned on Monday, February 19th for sexually assaulting a tourist.

San Pedro businessman Oscar Guerra charged with rape is out on bail

The accused, 55-year-old Oscar Guerra was immediately remanded into custody, but was able to obtain a $10,000 bail by the end of the day.

Police Report

San Pedro Police report incidents involving sexual assault and rape.

Female raped in San Pedro

On Sunday, April 16th, San Pedro Police arrested and charged 39-year-old Eldon Williams for the crime of Rape.

The Belize Police Department registers a decrease in crime for 2016

The official crime statistics for 2016 have been released by the Belize Police Department showing a 3.6% decrease in crimes, compared to 2015.