Wolfe’s Woofer: Hotel Maintenance

Sunday, April 8th, 2018

“I’m starting to get worried that they won’t make it,” Sherry said.
“They’ll be here. Cruise ships are always on time,” I told her.
We were sitting in the lobby of the Princess Hotel and Casino in Belize City waiting for Bruce and Becky, our friends from Texas. We had a room at the Princess because they were on the Carnival ship Breeze out of Galveston and we planned to spend the day with them.
As we waited in the lobby a tourist and his wife walked past, arguing loudly. They went up to their room and a few minutes later the man came rushing back down.
“I need some help!” he said. “Room 520 on the fifth floor.”
“What’s the problem, sir?” the desk clerk asked.
“It’s my wife. She’s very upset and threatening to throw herself off the balcony.”
He turned and rushed back upstairs.
The desk clerk looked puzzle but he picked up the phone and called the maintenance department.
When he arrived, the worker asked, “What’s up Winston?”
“I’m not sure,” the clerk said. “The man in 520 says he needs somebody from maintenance.”
Once again, the guest came running downstairs.
“You have to hurry!” he told the desk clerk. “Quick!”
“Sir, if your wife threatens to jump off the balcony, it’s sounds like it’s more of a personal nature than a maintenance problem.”
“Oh, no. It’s definitely a problem for maintenance. She can’t get that sliding glass door opened.”

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