Three persons arrested and charged following a burglary in San Pedro Town

Friday, October 4th, 2019

Two men and a woman have been arrested and charged after a residence in the Tres Cocos Area north of San Pedro Town was burglarized. Additionally , police continue to investigate another burglary at a supermarket on Pescador Drive in which the main suspects are believed to be teenagers.
The Tres Coca burglary reportedly occurred on Wednesday, September 25th. According to a police report, on Thursday, September 26th, about 10:40AM, 31-year-old Paola Cobb, a Belizean manager, reported that the previous day around 4:04PM, she noticed that a door of a house in the said area belonging to a Chris Jansen from the United States of America, and which she cared for, was not properly lined up. Upon checking, she noticed that the doors were not locked. After further checks inside, she observed that the house was ransacked, and an assortment of items were stolen. The missing items are value at $BZ11,638.50. The culprits are recorded on surveillance footage as they break into the property. They are seen removing several valuable items out of the house and placing into vehicles waiting outside. In other footage, one of the thieves is observed next to the road seemingly waiting for someone. Next to him, several stolen items can be seen bundled up in what appears to be some sort of sheet.
Police were notified and after investigating, on September 27th, they formally arrested and charged 26-year-old Jorge Pech, for the crime of Burglary. Additionally two other persons were charged for the crime of Handling of Stolen Goods. They are 20-year-old George Michael Moro and 28-year-old Thomasita Valerie Lopez.
While this case resulted in the apprehension of the culprits, the burglary at the supermarket on Pescador Drive still remains unsolved. According to the owner of the downtown business, a group of about four young male persons broke into their supermarket on Thursday, September 26th. The thieves gained access to the store through one of its glass windows. The culprits allegedly made off with several items from the store, including several bottles of expensive liquor and computer laptops. All items are estimated to cost over $5,000.
The general public is advised to report any illicit activity to police by visiting the police station on Pescador Drive or call them at 206-2022.

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