Saturday, May 25, 2024

police superintendent Henry Jemmott

Jasmine Hartin indicted at Supreme Court; Manslaughter by Negligence case continues in September

On Thursday, July 14th, Jasmine Hartin was formally charged at the Supreme Court in Belize City with Manslaughter by Negligence in the shooting death of Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott. According to court reports, she pled not guilty. Supreme Court Justice Ricardo Sandcroft detailed strict measures, particularly regarding the media, as Hartin’s trial proceeds. The matter was adjourned to September 27th for case management.

Andrew Ashcroft moves to Turk’s and Caicos

On the day Jasmine Hartin was to be notified of her Supreme Court trial date in connection to the shooting death of Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott, a release was issued announcing that her former partner, Lord Michael Ashcroft’s son, Andrew, moved to Turk’s and Caicos with their children. The announcement, issued on Monday, June 13th, stated that when Andrew and Hartin were together, she was entitled to 10% of the issued share capital of the holding company operating the current ‘The Belize Alaia Hotel. According to the release, following an independent valuation, Hartin will receive the fair value of these shares.

In documentary, Jasmine Hartin recounts what happened the night Superintendent Henry Jemmott was killed

Saturday, May 28th, marked one year since the shooting death of Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott at the hands of Jasmine Hartin, the former partner of billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft’s son Andrew. The Canadian national is facing a Manslaughter by Negligence charge, and after being back and forth in the Magistrate Court, her case has now moved to the Supreme Court for trial. Hartin insists that she did not murder the senior officer, that it was a terrible accident. Over the weekend, Discovery Plus premiered a documentary featuring Hartin, revealing more details on the mysterious incident. Hartin admits to initially lying to authorities when questioned about the tragic incident but insists that she is no murderer, explaining what occurred in the early hours of that morning.

Jasmine Hartin detained on allegations of hit on ComPol and a Magistrate

Canadian national Jasmine Hartin, accused of killing Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott, was taken into police custody for possibly being involved in a hit against Commissioner of Police Chester Williams and a Magistrate. Hartin denies the allegation saying that a disgruntled former maintenance worker made up the story. She has been transported to Belize City for questioning as the investigation continues.

Jasmine Hartin receives full disclosure for Manslaughter by Negligence charge

On Wednesday, March 9th, Jasmine Hartin, the Canadian National currently facing a Manslaughter by Negligence charge for the shooting death of Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott, has received full disclosure of the case. After reporting to her hearing at the San Pedro Magistrate Court, she shared that after reading the first half of this disclosure, an 81-page document provided in October 2021, she found plenty of ‘shocking’ surprises. While Hartin is yet to read the other half of the disclosure, 78 pages, and three DVDs, she says the process has been very interesting so far.

Jasmine Hartin misses court hearing due to COVID-19

On Wednesday, February 16th, Jasmine Hartin was a no show at the San Pedro Magistrate Court for the remainder of the disclosure in the case of Manslaughter by Negligence against her. She could not attend because she reportedly is infected with COVID-19, and the hearing was adjourned. Hartin is to face a trial for the shooting death of Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott.

Family court grants Andrew Ashcroft interim custody of children

Jasmine Hartin took her former partner Andrew Ashcroft to the Family Court in Belize City on Tuesday, July 20th to get custody of their 4-year-old twins. The court granted Ashcroft interim custody of the children, and the case was adjourned.

Jasmine Hartin out on bail, again

32-year-old Jasmine Hartin, the partner of Andrew Ashcroft, is no longer under lock and key at the Kolbe Foundation-Belize Central Prison after securing bail for a second time. According to reports, an acquaintance from Caye Caulker came forward and posted bail using land documents as surety.